Corporate Governance

Responsibility and implementation

Bulten’s board of directors has overall responsibility for the company’s sustainability activities and the President and CEO has responsibility for operational matters. This work is managed and coordinated by the SVP HR and Sustainability, and implemented by managers throughout the business. All of Bulten’s employees have responsibility for actively contributing to work on sustain­ability within their specific area of responsibility. Each manager has responsibility for follow-up and compliance with internal guidelines and the code of conduct.

Bulten’s code of conduct was adopted with the purpose of formulating fundamental principles that underpin the company’s relations with employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. The code, together with other corporate policies, forms the basis for how we work as a Group and it plays a central role in the company’s sustainability activities.

Follow-up and reporting

Bulten’s integrated management system for quality, the envir­onment and working environment describes the company’s way of working, from policies and guidelines to procedures and work instructions. The management process provides a systematic approach to strategy, objectives, and ongoing target monitoring. The reporting of sustainability information is done through the company’s various management systems. Bulten companies are certified to ISO / TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and meets the requirements of OHSAS 18001, as well as ISO50001 for production companies.

In addition local employee surveys are conducted that form the basis for the company’s continuous efforts to improve the work environment and employee involvement.

From 2017 Bulten will report its sustainability work in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the core level of GRI Standards, including submitting a report to the UN Global Compact.

Minimization of sustainability risks in the flow of goods

Bulten takes responsibility wherever it can exert influence with respect to the environment and working environment throughout the value chain. A supplier to Bulten must confirm that it meets and complies with the company’s code of conduct and anti-cor­ruption policies or equivalent, and that furthermore it is certified according to ISO9001 (or ISO / TS16949) and ISO 14001. Further requirements must be also met, such as maintaining a policy regarding conflict minerals where applicable.

Bulten has an established working method to follow up and audit its main suppliers, which together account for between 90-95% of the total purchasing volume. All potential and new suppli­ers to Bulten have to undergo an evaluation based on parameters that include the code of conduct, environmental considerations and safety. If the decision is made to do business with a supplier after this evaluation is carried out, an audit is performed on site. This audit covers the management system, financial status, pro­curement and supply chain processes, and supplier monitoring. Regular evaluations are made of established suppliers, and Bulten has dedicated employees who work with, and develop, quality assurance.