Bulten has a strong corporate culture with an open and creative environment. The co-workers are dedicated with great driving force to create new business opportunities and innovative solutions aiming at contributing to both Bulten’s and its customers success.

Bulten strive for long-term and close cooperation with its customers and take pride in a high ethical standard. Business-critical decisions are often made close to the customer and an important part of Bulten’s success is its empowered employees and professionalism.

To ensure long-term sustainable development of the Group, Bulten works continually with employee development, the working environment and work conditions. Great emphasis is placed on having open and honest communication. Bulten’s core values are the foundation of the company’s corporate culture and define the way we work and behave and inspire and support us in our efforts to continue building a successful and sustainable business.

Competence development

Bulten works continually to develop its organization and its managers to support the Group’s development and growth.

The aim is to utilize internal competence and give the employees possibilities to develop and take greater responsibility within the company. To develop within the company is encouraged and internal recruitments are a natural part of the corporate culture.

Good working conditions and human rights

Bulten aims to be an attractive employer with a good working environment where commitment, responsibility and participation create the conditions for developing the Group and all employees. Offering a workplace without risking employee safety and health has high priority in all of Bulten’s units.

Every employee of Bulten is expected to take an active role in creating a safe, secure, quality-aware and efficient workplace characterised by an open and friendly working climate.

The Group continually strives to identify and address potential safety risks while implementing preventive measures that guarantee good health and safety for all employees.

All members of staff shall have equal rights, obligations and opportunities in terms of employment and working conditions, training, education and development in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country in which they work.

Equality and diversity

During 2015, Bulten had activities in eight countries with 1,199 fulltime employees at the turn of the year. Most of these people work with production. The engineering industry remains male dominated and this is also reflected at Bulten, where 75% of employees are men and 25% women. Bulten works to achieve equality and aims to achieve diversity in recruitment.

Head office

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