strategic direction


Supporting the global automotive industry with state of the art fastener technology and services.


Bulten shall:

  • be the leading business partner and the most cost-effective supplier of fasteners and services to the automotive industry
  • with empowered and dedicated people continuously develop its full service concept and actively launch innovations
  • develop long-term relations based on professionalism and good business ethics


Organic growth

Bulten has a clear focus on organic growth in Europe, USA, Russia and China. In 2016, Bulten had a growth rate in line with production in the European automotive market. The turnover was however, effected by a weaker export of fasteners to Asia and America than previous year and that a lower number of vehicles was produced due to model changes.

During 2009-2015 Bulten’s growth rate amounted to approximately 14% in average, to be compared with the market that grew 5% over the same period. The prospects for Bulten to continue to grow organic on the global automotive market are good.

Preferred Full Service Provider

Bulten shall be a preferred full service provider and provide everything from development, production and logistics to final delivery at the customer’s assembly line. This has been a success­ful concept and the strategy is to continue developing the business in this direction. Already today Bulten’s contract portfolio consists of approximately three quarters full service contracts and the share is expected to increase. 

Competitive cost structure and geographic proximity

Bulten’s strategy is based on offering competitive products and services. This will be achieved by having production processes at low costs with geographical proximity to the customer. Bulten is continuously working to develop its expertise in order to offer its customers the best possible quality at the best possible price. 

Innovative and technologically advanced products

Part of Bulten’s strategy is also to constantly develop the innovative and technological know-how needed to create new products together with customers, thus offering improved and more cost-effective solutions to OEMs.

Head office

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