Bulten is one of the largest suppliers of fasteners to the international automotive industry and has a responsibility to operate its business in a long-term and sustainable manner. The company shall be an effective, reliable and stable partner for customers and suppliers, deliver value to owners and be a secure employer for its employees.

Bulten structures its work on sustainability in three areas: corporate governance, social responsibility and the environment. Guiding the company in its sustainability activities are the business vision, the core values of Professional, Innovative, Dedicated and Empowered, the corporate code of conduct and the anti-corruption policy.

Bulten supports the Ten Principles on respect for human rights, working conditions, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption embodied in the United Nations Global Compact and will report our efforts.

Every year Bulten performs an overall risk analysis during which sustainability risks and environmental aspects are identified and analysed. Special emphasis is given to consideration for the environment throughout the entire chain of value, and the company has therefore assessed products and processes with regard to conflict minerals and REACH, among other key areas. Bulten also works to influence external flows of goods in a positive direction.


Bulten works to improve continuously and during 2016 a plan was made to develop and harmonise sustainability work even further and to extend dialogue with stakeholders.


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