Guiding principles

Since a couple of years ago, Bulten has supported the UN Global Compact’s ten principles and the company’s code of conduct guides the company in this work. Bulten also requires its subcon­tractors to choose whether to adhere to Bulten’s code of conduct or if they have their own equivalent. The focus ahead will be to improve the monitoring of the value chain with regard to human rights and to train employees on sustainability issues.

Employer liability

Bulten strives to be an attractive employer with a good working environment where involvement and participation are the basis for the continuous development of the company and its employees. The company’s overall goal for environmental work is to achieve a long-term effective and sustainable business that safeguards good physical and mental health, offers job satisfaction for all employees and prevents accidents happening. Incidents are monitored and accidents that lead to absences are reported as part of the system­atic work environment. The number of reported accidents has increased during the year, analyzes and measures implemented in each company to follow up and break the negative trend.

One way for Bulten to take responsibility as an employer is to offer permanent employment after a trial period. This means greater security for the individual compared to being contracted from an agency or being given a temporary appointment. Bulten’s share of contracted and/or temporary employees is very low and represents only 4% of the total number of employees in work.

One of the reasons that Bulten is one of the largest players in the industry is that continuous training and skills development are a priority. A key value for the company is that all individuals are equal and must be treated as equal. It is therefore important that everyone feels responsible for combating discrimination and pro­moting greater gender equality. Bulten has an equality and diversity policy and follows up in this area with local surveys of employee satisfaction and commitment, which is the basis for the company’s continuous improvement in the working environment and job satisfaction. The company’s plan going forward is to harmonize the work of employee surveys and conduct a joint survey next year.