A strong contributing factor to bulten’s success is its employees. Bulten strives to have a good relationship and open dialogue with its employees and puts strong emphasis on preserving the expertise and culture that has been built up over many years. Bulten’s corporate culture is a unique asset that is highly valued by the company and much appreciated by both employees and customers.

A good basis for involved and dedicated employees is well-run, development-oriented dialogues. Through these talks, managers can understand employees’ needs for training, how the working atmosphere is seen, together with other important and relevant issues.

For Bulten to achieve its goals, access to the right skills in priority areas and cooperation is a prerequisite. In addition to external traditional training, the company has internal trainings that among others follow a successful model that allow employees to spend time in different parts of the company, with colleagues who can ensure that the right skills and expertise are developed in relation to the expectations of the work tasks.

Bulten’s systematic working environment means monitoring sick leave and accidents. To promote a good working environment and a sustainable business, focus on local wellness initiatives will continue.

To ensure that Bulten continues to be seen as a sustainable and attractive employer the company’s personnel work must develop continuously. In 2016 a global human resources unit was established aimed at developing and harmonizing personnel work together with local organizations. Bulten’s core values – Professional, Innovative, Dedicated and Empowered – are the foundation of the company’s common values and behaviour. The values have their roots in the company’s history and help to guide all employees in their daily work. Continuous efforts are being made for these to be integrated into all areas of the business.

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