strategic direction


Supporting the global automotive industry with state of the art fastener technology and services.


Bulten shall:

  • be the leading business partner and the most cost-effective supplier of fasteners and services to the automotive industry
  • with empowered and dedicated people continuously develop its full service concept and actively launch innovations
  • develop long-term relations based on professionalism and good business ethics


Bulten has chosen several strategic paths for continued effective business development, and for achieving set goals.

  • Global system supplier of fastener solutions
    Bulten shall be a global full service provider (FSP) of fastener ­solutions to the automotive industry.
  • Value enhancement throughout the value chain
    Bulten creates value throughout the value chain: from pre-­development, technology and product development, production, purchasing and logistics, to final delivery at the customer’s ­production line.
  • Organic growth
    Bulten’s primary strategy is to grow organically. Acquisitions and joint ventures deemed to complement the offering either in terms of products, processes or geography are also of interest.
  • Customers in the automotive industry
    Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry are the primary target groups.
  • Geographic proximity
    Bulten’s geographic spread allows global delivery capacity to the automotive industry.
  • Innovation drives development
    An innovative climate serves to develop technological know-how to create optimal, sustainable, cost-effective solutions for the customer.
  • Global purchasing strategy
    Bulten’s global purchasing strategy harmonizes and consolidates the purchase of intermediate goods in a sustainable, cost-effective way
  • Sustainable, cost-effective production
    Bulten’s production technology and structure ensures sustainable, cost-effective production of the highest quality.
  • Strong balance sheet for growth investments
    A strong balance sheet and low indebtedness provide flexibility and preparedness for investments in increased capacity and growth, as well as for strategic acquisitions.
  • Personnel and a unique corporate culture create a sustainable operation
    Bulten’s employees contribute to sustainable development with their expertise and keen dedication. The company’s core values are the foundation of Bulten’s unique corporate culture.
  • Development of sustainability work
    All activities within Bulten should be sustainably designed and in line with the company’s ethical guidelines, based on social responsibility, environmental principles and responsible corporate governance.

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