Sustainable supply chain

Bulten currently has around 200 suppliers who provide us with products, materials and finishing. The majority relates to wire for producing screws, surface treatment, and outsourced production to supplement in-house production. To deliver a market-leading offering, it is vital that we place equally high demands on our suppliers as we do on ourselves. They must live up to our standards in terms of commercial requirements, quality and logistics, as well as environmental consideration and social responsibility.

All our suppliers should be certified to ISO 9001 (IATF 16949) as well as ISO 14001. To verify that we share the same values, Bulten in 2017 produced a code of conduct for suppliers, business partners and service providers, which was based, among other things, on risk assessment and stakeholder dia­logues. The code is specially designed for suppliers, the aim being to communicate more clearly our demands when it comes to business ethics, health and safety, environmental requirements and social responsibility. Implementation has begun with communication and distribution to all active sup­pliers, and the aim is to achieve acceptance from all suppliers. To ensure compliance with the code of conduct, it is included in the terms and conditions of the purchase agreements and is managed via our Supplier Relationship Management, or SRM, system.

Over the years we have established working methods to monitor and audit our main suppliers, and potential and new suppliers are carefully evaluated based on our code of conduct. If we decide to proceed, an audit is performed on site which for example includes the management system, financial status, the purchasing process and flow of goods, as well as the supplier’s follow-up systems. With our existing suppliers we conduct regular assessments, and have dedicated employees who work with quality assurance and supplier development.