The logistical flow of our product range is com­plex and global, with many different products and components needing to be sent between the various production plants, suppliers and logistics centers. The end product, i.e. the fastener solu­tion, is always distributed to the customer from one of our logistics centers, many of which are near customers’ production plants. Being able to deliver on time with tight deadlines is also crucial.


Greener transportation

A major project has been initiated to consolidate our road freight in Europe. The demands we place on transport companies include that they may only use trucks with engines that meet Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, and that the com­pany must comply with our code of conduct. We also have an objective to increase the percent­age of renewable fuels, and to shift consignments from road to rail as far as possible.


One example of sustainable logistics can be seen in the restructuring of our transportation from Asia. The new structure optimizes loads in containers and we only use green ships, thus considerably reducing our environmental impact.