New President and CEO and new executive management in FinnvedenBulten

2014-06-30Press release

FinnvedenBulten focuses entirely on fasteners and a new Group Executive Management team, well established and with long experience from the fasteners- and automotive industry has been formed. The new President and CEO and the new executive management team take up their positions on July 1, 2014 and will concentrate fully on the growing international fasteners business. The intention is also to change the name FinnvedenBulten to Bulten which means that an Extraordinary General Meeting in the parent company is required.

In connection with the closing of the sale of division Finnveden Metal Structures June 30, 2014 the employee representatives Katarina Olsson and Peder Johansson (deputy), both employed by Finnveden Metal Structures, resign from their assignments in FinnvedenBulten’s board.

FinnvedenBulten’s new executive management will consist of:

Tommy Andersson, President and CEO
Since 2001 head of division Bulten and Executive Vice President of FinnvedenBulten since 2011. Employed by the Group since 2000. Previous senior positions mainly within the Autoliv Group. Born 1953. Holding in FinnvedenBulten: 182 868 shares.

Helena Wennerström, Executive Vice President and CFO
Since 2009 CFO of FinnvedenBulten and CFO of Bulten since 2006. Employed by the Group since 2002. Previous positions within Bulten, Digitalfabriken and Topcon among others. Born 1965. Holding in FinnvedenBulten: 92 590 shares.

Magnus Carlunger, Senior Vice President Technology and Business Development
Since 2003 Managing Director of Bulten Sweden AB. Employed by the Group since 1995. Previous positions within C I Pihl among others. Born 1967. Holding in FinnvedenBulten: 8 000 shares.

Torbjörn Hjerpe, Senior Vice President Purchasing
Since 2004 Vice President Quality, Environment and Purchasing, Bulten. Employed by the Group since 2004. Previous positions within Volvo Trucks among others. Born 1950. Holding in FinnvedenBulten: 24 442 shares.

Anders Karlsson, Senior Vice President Market and Sales
Since 2003 Vice President Marketing, Bulten. President of EIFI (European Industrial Fasteners Institute) since 2008. Employed by the Group since 1975. Previous positions within various Bulten companies among others. Born 1949. Holding in FinnvedenBulten: 23 842 shares.

Jörg Neveling, Senior Vice President Production
Since 2005 Vice President Production, Bulten and Managing Director of Bulten GmbH since 2009. Employed by the Group since 1995. Previous positions within Knipping – Dorn and GKS GmbH among others. Born 1960. Holding in FinnvedenBulten: 23 842 shares.

Kamilla Oresvärd, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications
Since 2011 Vice President of FinnvedenBulten. Employed by the Group since 2005. Previous positions within Finnveden and SCA among others. Born 1967. Holding in FinnvedenBulten: 300 shares.

For further information, please contact:

Roger Holtback, Chairman of the Board, FinnvedenBulten AB
Tommy Andersson, President and CEO, FinnvedenBulten AB
Tel: 031-734 59 00, e-post:

NB: The information in this announcement is required to be disclosed by FinnvedenBulten AB (publ) under the Swedish Securities Markets Act (Sw. lag om värdepappersmarknaden). The information was submitted for publication on June 30, 2014, at 12:00 CET.

Bulten is part of FinnvedenBulten, listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. After the sales of its division Finnveden Metal Structures, FinnvedenBulten focus fully on fasteners and intends to change name to Bulten. Bulten is one of the largest suppliers of fasteners to the European automotive industry. The product range spans from customer specific standard products to customized special fasteners and comprise technological development, line feeding, logistics, materials and production know how. Bulten offers a Full Service Provider concept or parts thereof. Further information can be found at and