Bulten becomes partner to Save the Children Sweden

2020-12-08 News

Over the last 100 years, the international organization Save the Children has helped to ensure that the world's most vulnerable children survive, learn and are protected. Every year, they reach tens of millions of children in 120 countries through their work. Bulten wants to be involved and support and has therefore entered into an annual partnership with Save the Children Sweden.

Bulten has chosen the focus area Education. Millions of children are being robbed of an education simply because of who they are or where they live. They are deprived of learning because they are caught up in emergencies, face extreme poverty, or are discriminated against because of their gender, disability or ethnicity.

Save the Children trains teachers, fills school bags with exercise books and pens and gives children space in a safe classroom. They do what is required here and now for a brighter future - for children with knowledge to become wise adults.