Bulten has developed a training package that covers everything from the absolute fundamentals to how to use fasteners in the best way possible. Unlike other courses in this field of technology, which usually start at a high level, Bulten's fastener academy is designed to be understandable even for those with little prerequisites and mainly consists of practical exercises in our development lab.

The bolt is usually not used to its full potential. For example, the majority of bolt joints are tightened only to 55 percent of the maximum available clamping force, since statistically it has been calculated that this is where you run the least risk of loosening or fractures. This means that today, you use two bolts, where you only should be needing one.

If you have the right knowledge, you can use at least 75 percent of the maximum clamping force without increased risk. The key is to use as much of the bolt's potential as possible. If this is done correctly, we can deliver fewer bolts, which is good for the customer and the environment because we then reduce the weight of designs and use fewer resources overall.

For us, it is essential to have a common ground to stand on with our customers, something we can gain through this training package. We want to emphasize that the Bulten fastener academy is not only meant for engineers and fastener specialists, but it is also open to anyone who comes in contact with our products and wants to learn more.

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