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Replacing the conventional purchasing model and assigning total responsibility for fasteners to an experienced, well-established company can save OEMs money and resources, while also contributing to environmental benefits. The flexible Full Service Provider concept developed and refined by Bulten for over 20 years offers many benefits, and can be adapted to meet customer requirements. During 2019, we have integrated the sustainability aspects more clearly.


Bulten is one of few companies in Europe to offer a Full Service Provider concept, whereby we assume total responsibility for all fasteners for an entire platform, vehicle model or factory. Our application engineers optimize fastener solutions based on the principle of In Place Cost. We take a customer-oriented approach, and because we have established long-standing relations with our customers we have an in-depth understand­ing of their business. We can therefore offer support with application-driven innovation, and development of new technology and new solutions based on our customers’ application requirements.

Bulten’s FSP proposition is not a static system, but is dynamically adapted to each customer’s unique requirements – a flexible, modular system in which the customer’s needs are met based on a portfolio of different services. Whether a customer chooses the entire concept or just individual parts, Bulten always delivers sustain­able solutions with the right quality in each interaction. We assure quality along the whole value chain, from development to sourcing, and on to the customer’s production line.



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Fasteners represent about 1% of the overall pur­chase value for an OEM, but as much as 25% of all part numbers. They come in many shapes and sizes and in tremendous volumes, which makes purchasing and logistics a complex, time-consuming process.

Today, we still see a traditional purchasing model among many OEMs, with the purchasing department coordinating relations with the supplier base – an approach that drains both resources and capital. Our FSP concept stream­lines the process, as we act as the single point of contact with total responsibility for all fasteners.

As part of our sustainability strategy, we assume responsibility for the entire value chain, as our suppliers follow our code of conduct and share our values. Customers can also count on quality-assured delivery of the right volume, at the right time.


Our responsibility and offering go far beyond stock-keeping and delivery of products. We know fasteners. For us, this means possessing the right knowledge and an understanding of the fastener’s function in its application. We coordinate the logistics between different suppliers, process stages, warehouse hubs and customer recipients. We manufacture many of the fasteners under our own auspices, and have a wide network of skilled suppliers to enable us to offer a full service solution. With almost 150 years of experience, we know about the manufacturing process and its quality assurance.

We strive continuously to minimize our environmental impact by reducing non-renew­able energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in the production process. Combined with our global presence and long experience, we are familiar with the global supplier base and know which suppliers to call to meet our customers’ requirements on outsourced fasteners. In our FSP offering, total responsibility for fasteners is handed over to an experienced, well-established company, enabling the customer to focus on other business-critical systems. We simplify and streamline a complex part of the process with a reliable, profitable, sustainable service.

We are convinced that our FSP concept adds value, and we continue to increase awareness on the market.


The FSP concept offers many benefits, both for Bulten and for our customers. We consolidate our position through close, solid customer relations, where our role is an integral part of the customer’s technical development. In the long run, this lays the foundation for a stable cash flow over time.





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