Quality policy

Bulten is one of the leading suppliers of fasteners to the international automotive industry. Our customers are heavily dependent on high quality of delivered products and services. To be successful in this business we shall strive to exceed customer expectations to the degree it is practically possible, economically viable and always by fulfilling our compliance obligations.

Our goal is to be ranked as a quality leader among the world's top automotive suppliers of fasteners and related services.

With engaged employees and supplier engagement we focus on

  • Satisfying our customers by reducing the number of disturbances aiming at a zero defect vision
  • Supporting our suppliers to adopt the zero defect mind-set
  • Fulfilling stakeholders’ expectations and requirements
  • Standardizing best practice throughout the Group
  • Continually improve our quality management system

By prioritizing our efforts and continually implementing improvement activities within these areas we will enhance our quality performance and our overall customer satisfaction. We shall strive to engage our supply base and other business partners to adopt the intentions of this policy.

By continuously improving our quality management system and adopting a process management approach, we enhance the quality performance of the Bulten Group. These fundamentals shall give the Bulten Group a competitive advantage and contribute to being a long-term reliable partner to the Global automotive industry.

All business entities within the Bulten Group are responsible for implementing activity programmes based on this policy and it is each manager’s responsibility to comply and implement the Quality policy locally. Each employee and contractor have a responsibility to follow this policy and related instructions and procedures.

Anders Nyström
President and CEO of the Bulten Group
September 20, 2019