Electro Mobility

Today, the vehicle market is facing stricter environmental requirements, which means that Bulten also must adapt to the future. Electrification of the vehicle fleet is perhaps the strongest trend, and it also means great opportunities. In some cases, the amount of fasteners that hold the vehicles together actually increases. For example, hybrid cars contain two powertrains that both need to be assembled, but you will also find a large number of bolts in battery electric vehicles.

Bulten - Electro mobilityThis specific bolt is intended to protect the operator when assembling electrified applications.

Electromobility places new demands on fasteners. An EV battery, for example, needs to be water and airtight, but at the same time fully serviceable. The bolt must also relate to the increased demands for cleanliness, as the smallest particle in the wrong place in an electric power train can lead to short-circuiting. Some of the components need to be conductive, while the persons assembling the parts must be protected from the electric current. To solve this, Bulten works with new surface treatments, materials, and operator protections, but today's existing products solve most of the challenges. The products we have today can meet the new requirements, but it is the knowledge of how we should use our products in new ways that make a difference. In other words, the significant development does not take place in the products themselves, but rather in understanding the new designs and how we can use our products optimally in future vehicles.