To ensure that our sustainability efforts are real­ized, they are an integral aspect of the com­pany’s strategy and operational management, with a clear division of responsibility.

Bulten’s Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the company’s sustainability activities, with the CEO having the operational responsibility while the SVP HR & Sustainability manages and coordinates the efforts. The aim of the Sustain­ability Committee is to draft, develop and assess the company’s sustainability work. The various activities are then implemented by the people in charge of different areas of the operation.

We manage and monitor our sustainability work using a management system comprising shared policies and guidelines, measurable goals, and action plans. Work is carried out loc­ally at each subsidiary, and is monitored and reported regularly to the Group management where the work is evaluated.

All our employees have a responsibility to act­ively contribute to our sustainability efforts in their areas of responsibility, and each manager is responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance.