Social responsibility

Bulten supports and respects the international conventions on human rights, and works actively to ensure that all universally recognized human rights are respected throughout the value chain. As part of this, we have increased the dialogue with and monitoring of our suppliers. Through our code of conduct, we communicate our stance and encourage transparency by making it possible for employees and other stakeholders to come to us to report serious deviations from our code of conduct without the risk of reprisal.

We strive actively not to participate in or support any form of modern slavery and trafficking in any form, both directly and indirectly, for example in the supply chain. We never require any form of deposit nor do we confiscate ID documents from our employees. Each employee has the right to terminate his or her employment after a reasonable period of notice, in line with prevailing laws and agreements. We always check the ID and relevant work permits of all new employees or contracted personnel. During the year, we have established an even more comprehensive process for minimizing risks in our supply chain. We communicate clear demands, and have further developed the qualification process for suppliers. In countries where independent unions are not allowed, we create forums for dialogue in different ways, in order to ensure the cooperation between employer and employees.