About Bulten

Bulten is one of the leading suppliers of fasteners to the European automotive industry. The company’s product range includes everything from customer-specific standard products to specialist, customized fasteners. The company also provides technical development, line-feeding, logistics, material and production expertise. Bulten offers a Full Service Provider concept or parts thereof.

About us

This is Bulten

Bulten develops high-tech fasteners for a range of industries including automotive and home electronics, always with a focus on sustainability and innovation. We are a listed company delivering quality products on a global market, with expertise amassed over 150 years.


Bulten is also one of only a few fastener manufacturers that can offer a Full Service Provider (FSP) concept, assuming responsibility for complete solutions for entire industrial platforms.


Bulten manufactures and delivers high-tech fasteners. We also help to develop the products during their life cycles, either according to customer wishes or our own suggestions for improvement.

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Bulten AB
Box 9148
400 93 Gothenburg, Sweden

Visitor's address:
August Barks gata 6A, Gothenburg

Tel: + 46 31 734 59 00
Fax: + 46 31 734 59 39