Our offer

Our offer

Quality products for a global market

For 150 years, Bulten has built a reputation in several industries, always with high quality and the customer in focus. Bulten is a listed company manufacturing and delivering quality products on a global market.

Our largest single customer groups is the automotive industry and its suppliers, but we are constantly expanding into new segments, including home electronics. Our offering extends from a wide range of standard products, to bespoke fasteners. Most of what we make is manufactured in-house, but we also use highly skilled subcontractors who contribute their high-quality products.


A full service provider

Thanks to our size and diversity, we cannot only offer individual fasteners for a customer product, but can also assume total responsibility for all fasteners in a complete customer platform.

This means that many of our customers, particularly in automotive, empower us with a broader remit to act as a Full Service Provider (FSP). We can also provide field support with application engineers, who stay on-site for as long as necessary, continuously identifying opportunities for improvement and cost cutting.