Bulten's strategy

The fact that Bulten has been in business ever since 1873 proves that the company gradually developed its strengths and also been receptive to changes on the market. We will continue to do so by focusing on the following strategic areas:

  • Global System Supplier of Fastener Solutions
    Bulten shall be a global system supplier of fastener solutions to the automotive industry, and shall continue to use the FSP concept as a tool for growth. 

  • Innovation drives development
    An innovative corporate culture serves to develop technological know-how and creates optimal, sustainable, cost-effective solutions for the customer.

  • Organic growth and complementary acquisitions
    Bulten’s primary strategy is to grow organically. Acquisitions deemed to complement the offering either in terms of products, processes or geography, are also of interest.

  • Customers in the automotive industry
    OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry are the primary target groups, but expansion into other customer segments is also part of the growth strategy.

  • Geographic proximity
    Bulten’s geographic spread allows global delivery capacity.

  • Value enhancement throughout the value chain
    Bulten creates value throughout the value chain: from pre-development, technology and product development, production, purchasing and logistics, to final delivery at the customer’s production line.

  • Global purchasing strategy
    Bulten’s global purchasing strategy aims to consolidate the purchase of intermediate goods for all the company’s units in a sustainable, cost-effective way.

  • Strong balance sheet for growth investments
    A strong balance sheet and low indebtedness provide flexibility and preparedness for investments in increased capacity and growth, as well as for strategic acquisitions.

  • Employees and a unique corporate culture create a sustainable operation
    Bulten’s employees contribute to sustainable development with their expertiseand keen dedication. The company’s core values are the foundation of Bulten’s unique corporate culture.

  • Development of sustainability work
    All activities within Bulten should be sustainably designed and in line with the company’s ethical guidelines, based on social responsibility, environmental principles and responsible corporate governance.

  • Sustainable, cost-effective production
    Bulten’s production technology and structure ensure sustainable, cost-effective production of the highest quality.

Bulten has carried out a range of activities in line with its existing strategy in 2019. The company has also worked on a far-reaching strategy process and a five-year plan called Stronger 24, which was presented in early 2020. The plan encompasses a number of strategic pathways as well as new financial targets.