Our strategy for long-term success

We have developed a strategy that we have named Stronger 24 to reach our financial goals and growth until year 2024. It is built around 4 areas – strong position, growth, margin expansion and strong financial platform – and has well defined target numbers.  Our strategy is the basis for everything we do.

Strong position

The FSP and FSPs concepts, geographical proximity to important customers, and at the leading edge of innovation and sustainability.

Goal 2024

An enhanced offering with a leading position in sustainability and innovation.


Organic and acquired growth, with a particular focus on North America.

Goal 2024

Net sales of SEK 5 billion, equating to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%.


Synergies, benefits of scale, production efficiency and technology.

Goal 2024

An operating margin in excess of 8%.

Strong financial platform

Financial leverage, investments in efficiency, a stable equity ratio and dividends.

Goal 2024

A return on capital employed (ROCE) in excess of 15%.