FSP – a concept that saves time and money

The sheer number and variety of fasteners needed for a complex product can be a challenge. With the FSP concept – whereby Bulten is the Full Service Provider with responsibility for complete delivery of all fasteners including peripheral products such as nuts, holding clips and so on – customers save time and money and also make gains in terms of sustainability.

Buying all the fasteners for a complex product, such as a vehicle, is a complicated process. Although the cost of the products only equates to about 1% of total purchases for an OEM, fasteners represent about 25% of the total number of items in a vehicle.

bulten offer

A cost-effective solution

With our expertise and long experience in fasteners, we can act as a Full Service Provider (FSP) and deliver both proprietary fasteners and complementary products, purchased from other producers. Bulten’s production structure ensures sustainable, cost-effective production of the highest quality.

When buying from third parties, reliable, high-quality products are guaranteed by using a well-established network of sustainable suppliers.

Our FSP offering has been around for 20 years, providing a solution that is fault-minimized, tested and validated in line with industry standards. This reduces costs and saves time for the customer: Everything can be sourced from a single supplier, eliminating problems with deliveries and incompatibility. With FSP, Bulten’s application engineers provide development and know-how in order to find new solutions based on the customer’s needs, specifically adapted to the applications in question. We can be involved and assist from the development phase to delivery on the assembly line. The fasteners are distributed from one of our logistics centers – at the right time and in the right packaging.



  • Total control of the value chain
  • Testing and validation according to the industry's requirements
  • Minimizing errors - continuous improvement
  • The zero error principle
  • Product development
  • Application engineers

Bulten supports customers with application driven innovation, and develops new techknology and new solutions based on the customers needs.

  • Manufacturing

Bulten’s production structure ensures sustainable, cost-effective production of the highest quality.

  • Purchasing 

Reliable, high-quality deliveries are guaranteed by a well-established network of sustainable suppliers.

  • Transport
  • Packaging and warehousing

The fastener solution is distributed to the customer from one of our logistics centers, at the right time and in the right packaging.

A customized concept

Our FSP offering is not a static thing. It is constantly being improved upon and adapted to each customer’s unique needs. It is a flexible, modular system whereby specific needs are met from an array of available services. Whether a customer chooses the entire concept or just individual parts, Bulten always delivers sustainable solutions of the right quality in each stage of production.

The concept has helped Bulten achieve a position as a leading provider to the automotive OEMs and subcontractors. It has benefited from the long-running consolidation in the automotive sector, whereby companies achieve synergistic effects by merging into larger corporations. Bulten’s aim is to continue growing and taking market share in this industry.