Self-made products

Historically the largest customer segment of Bulten has been the automotive industry. Our product offering has therefore long been dominated by automotive product types. However, Bulten is today rapidly growing into new customer segments and with this our offering is also expanding.

Sems fasteners

Sems-fasteners are fasteners with a captive washer under the head. The washer is typically round and flat, but we can in principle offer any outer shape and geometry a customer wish.

Round washers
Serrated washers

Thread forming screws

Thread forming screws are screws that creates the female metric thread in a round hole during assembly – thereby reducing the need of tapping the female thread. Bulten offer thread forming screws in sizes M4 to M16.


Screws for plastic

Screws for plastics are screws that form their own thread in plastic components in a similar way as thread forming screws.


Self-aligning screws

Self-aligning screws are screws with a tip that helps to align the fastener during assembly and reduce cross threading.

Dog point

Fasteners with patches

A patch is a pre-applied, dry-to-touch thread feature added on the fastener either as a dot or as a layer wrapping completely around it. Patches are there to create locking, sealing or anti-seize features.

Many different kind of patches can be applied, e.g. nylon and micro-encapsulated patches.

Precote 80

Weld fasteners

Weld fasteners are fasteners designed for projection welding onto sheet sections of the intended application. The weld position can be in the shape of isolated points or an annular weld ring.


All-metal locking fasteners

All metal locking fasteners are fasteners with a (metal) thread feature that provide a secondary locking solution – in addition to the normal thread friction – to prevent unintended back-off.


Special Automotive

Special automotive fasteners are fastener types that are typically found predominately within automotive applications. These are typically tailor made products made to customer specifications.

Plugs are normally used to seal draining holes in engine applications.

Banjo bolts
Wheel bolts
High temperature application bolts
Plugs M16-M30

Functional Fasteners

This category cover some of our very own developments - special and functional solutions developed to solve customer issues.

Trigger pitch

Complex cold forged parts

This category cover products that we produce via cold forming (and possible added machining) which are not necessarily traditional fasteners. These products often pushes the limits to what can be achieved via cold forging – and not seldom we can achieve material savings as well as cost savings by our cold forging process.

Customer solutions

Bulten can produce a number of customized fastener solutions.


Bulten can offer a wide range of female fasteners.

Standard hex flange Nuts with a captive washer feature - metallic or nylon ring