Environmental policy

Bulten is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of fasteners to the automotive industry, as well as other customer groups such as consumer electronics and home appliances. The offering extends from a wide range of standard products to specially adapted fasteners. With Bulten’s Full Service Provider concept, customers can entrust all their fastener needs to the company, including development, sourcing, logistics and service.

Sustainability is an integral part of Bulten’s business strategy and operational development and we are committed to contribute to a sustainable future. An important part of this is taking responsibility for the impact Bulten has on the climate and the environment from our own operations and products.

Our vision is to create and supply the most innovative and sustainable fastening solutions and our ambition is to be a leader in our business sector in terms of climate and environmental care.

We are committed to constantly strive to reduce the climate and environmental impact from our own operations and our products throughout the value chain.

We do this by acting responsibly, setting stretched goals, making conscious decisions, monitoring and follow up on performance and by complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in the countries where we operate.

This policy applies to all subsidiaries owned by Bulten globally. Bulten has expressed expectations and requirements on our Supply chain regarding climate and environmental efforts in our Code of Conduct for Business partners, suppliers and service providers.

The areas below are the material climate and environmental areas of Bulten:

  • Reduce Greenhouse gas emissions along the value chain
  • Decrease the use of fossil based energy and shift to renewable energyDevelop and offer products and technologies that decrease the negative environmental and/or climate impact throughout the value chain
  • Improve energy efficiency and raw material efficiency in our operations
  • Increase circularity of materials
  • Reduce emissions impacting air, water and ground quality
  • Reduce waste and ensure responsible waste management
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Responsible chemical management

Bulten’s Environmental Objectives

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (targets validated by the Science based targets initiative):
    • Reduce Scope 1&2 absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 vs 2019
    • Reduce Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions by 25% per ton of sold product by 2030 vs 2019
  • Renewable electricity in EU and North American units by 2025, all other by 2030
  • Reduce energy use by 15% per ton produced goods by 2024 vs 2019
  • Reduce waste and water use by 10% per ton produced goods by 2024 vs 2019

In order to manage these we:

  • Proactively assess environmental and climate impacts throughout the value chain and systematically define and implement activity programs accordingly into the business planning.
  • Define objectives with targets and provide the resources and management attention needed to achieve these.
  • Empower employees with information and knowledge to contribute in reducing the environmental as well as the climate impact.
  • Ensure that environmental and climate impacts are analyzed in all business decisions and that improvements are achieved when approving investments in new facilities and equipment.
  • Manage resources sustainable as far as possible by e.g. using recycled and renewable materials and by responsible sourcing of raw materials.
  • Develop and offer products and technologies that decrease the environmental and/or climate impact throughout its life cycle.
  • Include requirements on environmental performance in the procurement of transports and strive to procure climate neutral transports.
  • Ensure all sites are certified according to ISO 14001 and that the management system ensures continuous improvement and enhances the environmental performance of Bulten.
  • Work with our business partners to identify solutions that will decrease the environmental and climate impact in the value chain of our products.
  • Require business partners, suppliers and service providers (incl. sub-contractors) to adhere to our code of conduct which covers the areas of this policy.
  • Ensure that environmental performance and compliance to this policy is monitored, documented and communicated in a clear and transparent way towards employees, authorities and other stakeholders.
  • Report performance on company level according to the GRI framework (Core level) and legal requirements from time to time and to verify the company’s annual sustainability report by third party.
  • Benchmark our performance through third party evaluation such as CDP, EcoVadis reporting and Drive sustainability (SAQ).

All subsidiaries and functions within Bulten are responsible for implementing this policy and to undertake actions accordingly. It is each managers responsibility to implement this policy locally and to inform, train employees and to manage change towards the targets. All employees and contractors have a responsibility to follow this policy, local instructions and procedures and to participate in our efforts to reduce Bulten’s negative environmental and climate impact.

SVP HR & Sustainability is responsible for this policy and it is reviewed at least every third year.

Göteborg 2022-05-16

Anders Nyström
President and CEO Bulten AB, (publ.)

environment Certificates

Site environmental scope and policy to be sent upon request. Group Environmental policy available here.

  • ISO 14001 Bulten Group 
  • ISO 14001 Bulten Tianjin
  • ISO 14001 PSM International Fasteners Co Ltd
  • ISO 14001 PSM Fasteners Asia, Taipei
  • ISO 14001 PSM International Fasteners Limited

    Occupational Health & Safety certificates

    Site occupational health & safety scope and policy to be sent upon request. Group Health and Safety policy available here