Engineering focusing on customer value

As well as conducting its own innovation and development, Bulten also has application engineers who work at the company or on site with the customers for periods of varying lengths – we call these people resident engineers. They help to design fasteners that meet critical specifications, designed to last for the entire life span of the end product. Our application engineers are a resource that can contribute advanced knowledge and experience when it comes to manufacturing fasteners, designing screw joints, sustainability, assembly methods and more.

Having Bulten’s application engineers involved from the start of a project provides extra reassurance. It is also fundamental if we are to be proactive in different stages of product development. After that, our application engineers can be involved throughout the entire life cycle, and play an active part in the customer’s ongoing improvement efforts.


Creating customer insights

Our application engineers are a key component of the interdisciplinary teams involved in the innovation process. They provide a good general perspective and create insights into what the customer wants and needs. In this way, they help to solve problems in the here and now, while also amassing knowledge and experience that create added value and are key in future innovations.

Development has been at the core of Bulten’s operation since the company was founded, and this attitude has driven the company forward for a century and a half.