FSPs ā€“ with added ā€˜sā€™ for sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly in focus, particularly among companies that want to be at the forefront. Bulten has therefore complemented its FSP offering with FSPs – Full Service Provider Sustainability – whereby we work systematically to develop the most sustainable solutions for the customer.

A partner in sustainability

The point of departure is the three sustainability aspects: business ethics, environmental consideration, and social responsibility.

We aim to be a partner that helps our customers achieve their sustainability goals, making the end products as climate-neutral as possible.

We work with the customer to monitor the results and secure a total sustainability approach.

In order to reduce Bulten’s adverse impact on the environment, product design and the production process are optimized, with a heavy focus on recyclable resources. The BUFOe series is an example of fasteners developed to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases. This is done using specially adapted materials and a cold heading process that renders heat treatment superfluous. This reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 30% compared to conventionally manufactured fasteners.


Demands also on suppliers

The high demands that Bulten places on its own production also apply to the company’s suppliers.These demands relate not only to CO2 emissions, but also human rights, working conditions and business ethics.

Other aspects of the FSPs concept are optimized packaging, compostable wrapping, and environmentally efficient transportation, as well as initiatives to support local communities.


With knowledge of our customers’ overall sustainability goals, together we can set goals and support their sustainability efforts. We jointly follow up the set goals to ensure that we are helping to create added value for our customers in the best way.


Our solutions can help customers to reduce their CO2 emissions. Our goal is to increase environmental efficiency in the entire value chain


Through optimized technical design, partly by using recyclable, lightweight materials, we can reduce adverse environmental impact.


An energy-efficient manu- facturing process, use of recycled material and elimination of heat treatment through BUFOe can reduce CO2 emissions.


Bulten places high demands on active efforts among suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions. Similarly, Bulten ensures that the supply chain is living up to the set requirements regarding human rights, working condi- tions and business ethics.


Optimized packaging and sustainable transport solutions ensure environ- mentally efficient product transport.