Our customer groups

We have a long history of developing fastening solutions for a wide range of industries. Our key strength is the ability to work with customers from the concept stage to ultimately engineer the most cost-effective fastening solution, satisfying both performance and application requirements.


We have been working with automotive manufacturers for almost a century. Today we deliver fasteners to global manufacturers of both light and heavy commercial vehicles, as well as to many of these manufacturers’ suppliers and partners.


Consumer Electronics

We provide fastening solutions to leading consumer electronics companies, and we have developed a new range of small and miniature fasteners to suit their changing needs.

Consumer electronics

Home Appliances

We have a specific range of fasteners to cater for a variety of home applications, from small hand-held devices, to large floor-mounted items often known as ‘white goods’.

Home appliances


We offer multiple ‘high-strength’ robust fastening solutions to suit the tough requirements of the industrial sector.



We provide specific materials for fasteners to meet the strict high quality requirements from customers in the medical sector.


Renewable Energy

We design heavy-duty fastening solutions that can also withstand harsh outdoor conditions to service customers from the renewable energy sectors, such as wind power and solar cell applications.

Renewable energy