Business concept

We continuously deliver market leading fastening solutions that meet customer requirements on efficiency, quality, price and sustainability.

With clear objectives, global presence, responsible conduct and the latest in technology and innovation, we are the company that makes a difference, and creates the greatest benefit for the customer.


We create and supply the most innovative and sustainable fastening solutions.


We draw from Bulten’s 150 years of fastener knowledge to deliver, not merely fasteners, but complete solutions. Our experienced and dedicated people help our customers around the globe succeed in everything from product design to production, procurement and service.

Our nature is to expand the boundaries of our business. By driving innovation, as well as seeking partnerships with other innovative companies, we integrate new functionality and new services into our offer.

Being committed to sustainability and cost-efficiency, we continuously improve our products and our value chain to maintain industry leadership in minimal carbon footprint and use of natural resources, and we are a positive contributor to the society, wherever we are present. Sustainability is an integral part of our business model and of who we are.

Core values

Professional, Innovative, Dedicated, Empowered