Innovation focusing on sustainability, functionality and speed

Behind Bulten’s innovative power and constant product development, is a team of engineers with a wide range of expertise. They work in the company’s technology and innovation departments, developing solutions and know-how that customers – and Bulten – need to be competitive.

Bulten’s technology and innovation operations are run from two sites: Bulten Advanced Technology Center (BATC) in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Bulten Innovation Center (BIC) in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. The teams are made up of engineers with specialized expertise in areas like materials, testing, screw application and design. They identify and design technical solutions and products that undergo rigorous testing, before being approved and added to Bulten’s vast array of fasteners. In addition to product development, the two teams also work on competence and process development, which helps to strengthen and improve Bulten’s own production. They also provide support with advanced testing and prototype development.




Collaborations with academia and industry

The teams have close links with universities, institutes and businesses in technological areas that have been identified as important, all to ensure the right cutting-edge expertise for each application. One of the most important factors behind the success of the innovation projects is the interdisciplinary approach. Application engineers, factories and sales teams are all involved from day one, so that the right needs can be identified and new technical solutions can then quickly be developed for customers.
Innovation is a constantly ongoing process, focused on finding the technology and product solutions that offer enhanced sustainability and functionality. In addition, there is great emphasis on finding methods to achieve improved response times – a must if Bulten is to remain on the leading edge and retain its position as one of the world’s leading fastener manufacturers.