Sustainability – a key factor

Sustainability is one of Bulten’s most important guiding principles, and also a key factor that guides us in our innovation work. In everything we do, we strive to minimize the use of finite resources, harmful chemicals, and emissions of carbon dioxide.

All new projects are scrutinized from a sustainability perspective before they begin, and only sustainable solutions are given the go-ahead. At present, various basic research projects are underway to develop methods for green surface treatment, and to enable the use of totally renewable raw materials for cold forging.

 Model sustainability functionality


Our model for developing new products with focus on sustainability and functionality

BUFOe - A climate-smart alternative

One sustainability project that is already benefiting customers is BUFOe, a product family developed to offer a climate-smart alternative for strength classes 8.8 and 10.9. In traditional manufacturing, heat treatment accounts for around one-third of carbon dioxide emissions. In manufacturing the BUFOe series, cold forging is used instead, combined with alternative material choices to achieve a process that makes heat treatment redundant, thus reducing CO2 emissions by 30%.

The process requires in-depth knowledge of metallurgy and cold forging – expertise that Bulten has built up over 150 years of producing high-quality fasteners.

BUFOe products come in a range of sizes from M5 to M10 with a hex or Torx flange, or a round head. The array of products in the BUFOe range is continuously growing as the product family develops.