Projects that simplify life for customers

Functionality is another key factor that guides innovation at Bulten. By streamlining and finding ways to cut costs, we strive to create a product range that generates added value for the customer – an area in which our customer teams and application engineers are experts.

If a component can be made to be multifunctional, i.e. if a fastener can do more than just act as a fastener, this is a simplification for the customer. This is the driving force behind Bulten’s functionality projects.

 Model sustainability functionality

Our model for developing new products with focus on sustainability and functionality

TensionCam – Convenient monitoring from an office desk

One of the projects that is already benefiting customers is the TensionCam concept – a sensor based technology for remote monitoring of clamp loads. TensionCam was developed by a small company in Gothenburg, which has come up with a solution for measuring clamping forces via a simple fingerprint sensor. The technology makes it possible for customers to completely assure an installation, and strategically plan maintenance in critical industrial screw joints in wind turbines, bridges and pipe flanges, for example.




The sensor is placed in a cavity in the bolt head, or in the side of the nut. From there it can measure and monitor the clamping force in the screw joint. The solution is especially useful in industries that use larger screw dimensions, and where the clamping force in an installation is not otherwise easy to confirm. The technology is also of great benefit where regular maintenance, i.e. further tightening, is needed to ensure the system keeps running smoothly. Using the TensionCam solution, fasteners can be installed to closely defined clamping force tolerances. After that, the technology can measure and report the clamping force status via a simple cloud interface, at whatever interval the customer chooses. This means that the forces can simply be monitored from an office desk.

 In 2020, Bulten acquired a minority holding in technology company TensionCam Systems AB