Many advantages for the customers with Bulten's FSP concept

2016-08-29 News

“Our Full Service Provider (FSP) concept offers many advantages for the customers. The handling of fasteners is far more complex than you might think with a large number of components and suppliers. With the Bulten FSP concept, the process is much leaner and with one single point of contact the working process is much more simplified for the customer”.

Sukhvinder Gill, FSP project manager, has over 30 years’ experience in the fasteners industry, both at Bulten and on the OEM side.

“Bulten has built up good relations with major automotive manufacturers over many years. We have established a great sense of trust by offering a high level of service at an affordable cost, with increased added value. Furthermore, we understand the language of the industry and realize how important it is to take responsibility of the issues that hit us on a daily basis. One area in which we excel, is by giving solutions at speed, not only in the development phase, but also contributing to continuous process enhancement when in full serial production”.

“One good example of this, is where we have co-developed a TAPTITE® Fastener strategy for a customer. The technology gives the customer great benefits since these screws carryout the thread forming directly in the cast or drilled holes. The customer benefits from significant reduction in capital investment in the manufacture of the major engine components, such as the cylinder head and engine block machining lines. Basically this eliminated over 90% of the threading operations”.

“This Fastener concept has been further developed so that a bookshelf solution is now in place to be used throughout a family of new engines. This customer will be able to save several million euros in capital investment thanks to the project.”

“Using the TAPTITE® strategy also enables a shorter TAKT time (time from engine production start on one unit to production start on next unit), resulting in a substantial higher productivity for the OEM.”

“Bulten has the competence to take full responsibility and accountability for fastener requirements. It is becoming increasingly common in the business, that OEM’s outsource to specialized service providers. By using our technology and expertise throughout the value chain, we can prove we have consistently exceeded customer expectations”.

“Focusing on customer requirements is central to our business. We keep our promises and offer the best possible solutions, which results in long term relationships and growing business.” concludes Sukhvinder Gill.