Technology leader

2015-10-05 News

“Bulten has over 140 years experience of developing fasteners. Today we are a technology leader thanks to our ability to identify and develop new and existing product technology such as engine screws, stainless steel, Taptite® and B14.”

“Fasteners in a vehicle’s driveline are exposed to extreme stresses in terms of loads and high temperatures. Breakdowns are of course unacceptable, which sets very high demands and prompts us to continuously improve our products and processes. Modern drivelines are increasingly made of light metals and it would be impossible to make them without Stainless materials. Not only do these materials avoid rusting, they are also very suitable in hot applications.”

“We have met the need for more cost-effective and robust fasteners with Taptite® – a screw that forms its own counter thread when the screw is fitted in place. This is a product that has revolutionised the fastener industry, but it’s also a technology that we have been working on for some time, and we consider ourselves to be the most complete manufacturer of this product.”

“Another example of how innovative we are and how our high quality products help the world’s best engine manufacturers to reach new levels is B14, our ultra high durability material. Among other benefits it enables higher power to be generated by small engines without increasing weight. That means smaller drivelines, and therefore lower emission levels.”

“As a technology leader we want to share our know how. A good example of this is Bulten’s technology manual, written back in the 1960s. It has been produced in many editions, the most recent in 2014. Many of the country’s university colleges have used it in their course literature. It’s mostly engineers using the manual, but it frequently wins praise for being easy to read and because it collates key information about international standards.”

“Another example is our FastCalc app that helps users to calculate fastener parameters. The idea came when our staff asked for calculation templates that were easier to use and which the general public could also use. The app was developed by Bulten’s engineers and is now available as a platform-neutral web application – available to anyone with a smartphone, tablet or computer.”