Fastenings systems for ergonomic and efficient assembly

2010-12-14 Press release

Cost-efficient and functionally reliable fastening devices can make a real difference in terms of mass production productivity. As assembly times are planned by seconds, pre-assembled components are the natural choice. In order to offer better ergonomics, reduced assembly time and workload to the automotive industry, Bulten has developed two fastening systems with pre-assembled fasteners within the “One Touch Assembly” family: The Seat Belt Fastener and the Clip Screw.

Bulten Clip Screw is currently used in serial production by automotive manufacturers for the assembly of inflatable curtains. The tip of the screw is equipped with a pin, on which a fir tree plastic clip   is moulded. The screw has a POWERLOK prevailing–torque thread.
Clip Screws are pushed directly into the weldnut with a single thumb operation. The plastic clip grips threads and remain attached. Mounting force is approximately 30 N, and pullout force is minimum 50 N (for M6). Once installed, Clip Screw is ready for the assembly tool. No pre-assembling by hand is required.
Traditionally, seat belt fastening involves four part numbers for pre-assembling the anchor plate or buckle. The assembly process is not failure-proof and the assembly is time-consuming.

Bulten designed an innovative seat belt fastener, on which a plastic ring is automatically pre-assembled with press fit in a fool proof process prior delivery. At the customer assembly line the SBF is easily snapped on either the anchor plate or buckle in a cost effective way compared to today’s complicated design.
Clip Screw is suitable for pre-assembly on components where the need of a ”third hand operation” can be eliminated. The Clip Screw is also suitable for applications that are pre-assembled in one operation and tightened in a later operation.