Bulten Technologies - Threads

In today's modern world, the ISO metric thread system is the dominating system. The inch based unified system still exists but is slowly being phased out. Depending on purpose and application, other thread systems might be suitable.

ISO metric threads are the industrial standard. Reference standards are ISO 68-1, IOS 261 and ISO 724.

+ Standardised
+ Good availability

The basic profile

Bulten Taptite screw

Taptite screws are thread forming fastenersintended for steel andsoft alloys and eliminates pre-tapping and generates an ISO metric thread.

+ Well-proven system offering great cost and performance benefits.

Bulten Tapping screw

Tapping screws with ST-threads are intended for thin sheet metal assembly. Reference standard is ISO 1478.

Bulten Fastite screw

Fastite 2000 is an extruding trilobular thread forming screw with twin helix, intended for thin sheet metal assemblies, offering high drive-to-failure ratio.

Bulten Remform screw

Remform is a thread forming screw intended for plastics offering high drive-to-failure ratio combined with high pull-out force.

Bulten Magtite screw

Magtite is a triobular thread forming screw intended for magnesium that generates a minimum amount of debris.

Bulten MAThread screw

MAThread has rounded lead-in threads that more or less eliminates the risk of cross threading and mis-alignment, enabling most screws to be machine-started which reduces assembly time.