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Bulten rewarded with Jaguar Land Rover Quality Award

Bulten Ltd in UK has been awarded with the Jaguar Land Rover’s Quality (JLRQ) Award and now joins a select group of suppliers to qualify for the prestigious award.


Many advantages for the customers with Bulten's FSP concept

“Our Full Service Provider (FSP) concept offers many advantages for the customers. The handling of fasteners is far more complex than you might think with a large number of components and suppliers. With the Bulten FSP concept, the process is much leaner and with one single point of contact the working process is much more simplified for the customer”.


How much might a screw cost?

It’s virtually impossible to say just how much a screw costs. The purchase price is just one factor. Besides that, additional services are a significant part of the total cost and it is important to find the right balance between price and performance.


Bulten wins environmental award

Bulten’s unit in Bergkamen Germany has won an environmental award for energy savings. The award is given to innovative companies that are very engaged in sustainable improvements for climate control, energy consumption and environmental protection.


Getting to know Bulten’s FSP concept

Bulten is one of the few players in Europe that offers complete responsibility throughout the value chain for fasteners, from product development to final delivery to the customer, and has extensive experience in managing complex full service contracts for the automotive industry.

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